About Us

SSU is engaged in a strategic planning process to identify priority projects and activities needed to achieve our vision as a leader in sustainability by 2025. Our work will build on the efforts of committees, centers and student groups working towards a sustainable future.

  • Sustainability Executive Committee – Provides recommendations, coordinates initiatives, supports projects, seeks funding, and convenes working groups needed to achieve strategic plan goals. The committee includes representation from divisions across campus and student groups. Chair, Claudia Luke lukec@sonoma.edu
  • Student Sustainability Advisory Council – Connects student groups working on sustainability issues. Members include the Associated Students’ Senator for Sustainability, Recreation Center Sustainability Representative, and Director of Sustainability for Culinary Services. For list of student groups, see “Get Involved
  • STEP Up for Sustainability: An initiative run by Residential Life staff using educational campaigns and challenges in the residential community and beyond. 
  • Center for Environmental Inquiry – Creates collaborations among faculty, students, and community to address North Bay sustainability challenges, and gives students hands on skills at  4200 acres of SSU preserve lands. 
  • Center for Community Engagement – Advances community-based programs on campus with a focus on diversity and sustainability. www.sonoma.edu/cce      
  • Center for Sustainable Communities (Geography, Environment and Planning Department) - Provides trainings, policy development, and program implementation services to local governments and other organizations, and creates service-learning opportunities for students.   
  • Anthropological Studies Center – Provides consulting services in cultural resource management, and trains students in these practices.